MVP and Closed Mold Alliance 2019


Hot off the press! The Closed Mold Alliance has just released their 2019 Workshop schedule, and Magnum Venus Products (MVP) is excited to bring you all the details for this year’s events.

About the Alliance

Three industry experts make up the Closed Mold Alliance. Composites One is a leading supplier of composite materials in the US. RTM North Technologies is one of North America’s foremost closed mold tooling experts. And, last, but certainly not least, MVP—one of the industry’s top meter/mix equipment manufacturers with unique expertise in closed mold processes.

Working closely with IACMI—the Composites Institute—the Alliance’s mission is to offer leadership, knowledge, and training for the successful conversion to closed mold processes. From early development to project completion, the partnership aims to deliver turnkey solutions for composites manufacturers, providing education and resource support that helps to guide them through the conversion process.

2019 Workshops

This year will be the fourth year the Alliance has conducted these joint workshops, and MVP is proud to be an integral component of the partnership that brings such a rewarding and important event to the composites industry each year. Open to employees of IACMI members as well as other non-member organizations, each workshop takes place in a different location and are customized to specific trending processes. This year’s schedule includes:

  • Week of March 20, LASIR – Nashville, TN
  • Week of June 10, Composite Prototyping Center (CPC) – New York, NY
  • Week of August 19, Greenville Tech – Greenville, SC
  • Week of November 4, Davis Technical College – Salt Lake City, UT

Informative and engaging, these sessions provide continuing education to industry stakeholders, allowing them to experience new streamlined processes and cutting-edge products, as well as a focus on workforce development to ensure adequately trained employees for the future of the composites industry. For more information on the workshops, contact Rachel Menges at

Workshop Preview

Each workshop is designed to offer a unique skillset to attendees, helping them become more adept in several critical areas. Here are some topics you can expect to learn about:

  • Closed molding
  • Pultrusion process advancements
  • Out-of-autoclave
  • Additive manufacturing (3-D printing)
  • Light-weighting
  • Prototyping
  • Systems and equipment
  • Advances in composites and high-performance materials
  • Data
  • Acquisition/modeling/simulation
  • How to talk about composites
  • Workforce development
  • Student tracks
  • And more!

As one of the leading manufacturers of composite application equipment, MVP serves a variety of industries—from automotive to wind turbine, and everything in between. For over 60 years, MVP has adhered to the highest standards of quality service, placing the utmost importance in fostering family values to build strong, lasting business relationships. MVP views their role in the Alliance partnership as vital, keeping them connected to the industry while furthering the manufacturer’s education on closed molding processes. Learn more about MVP and their closed mold equipment today.

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