Play Areas Reinvent America’s Favorite Pastime

Take me out to the ballgame, take me out to the crowd. Families have attended professional baseball games for more than a century. Today, baseball fans sharing their love for the game with their kids is a rite of passage. In fact, many pro sports venues have tailored certain in-stadium play areas for kids. These unique experiences are fun for kids and give parents a break. At PLAYTIME, we inspire spaces with innovative and interactive play environments.

Yankee Stadium Adds Family-Friendly Play Area

While kids are excited about going to the ballpark, baseball games may last several hours. During this time, kids need to stretch their legs and spend some energy. Instead of having to sit still all this time, the New York Yankees created the Kids Clubhouse.

This fun play area lets kids run around while parents take a break. This adds more enjoyment for little and big fans. This in-stadium play space gives Yankee Stadium an advantage over other parks—seeing as the fan experience is more important than ever. The Yankees know all about creating special moments and they have a long history of wowing fans. This season they’ve made to the playoffs once again!

The Kids Clubhouse at Yankee Stadium includes a variety of interactive and engaging activities for the Yankees’ youngest fans. You’ll find Yankee-themed climbers, slides, and tunnels. The shaded, diamond-shaped space sports a soft, artificial surface. Covering 2,850-square-feet, the Kids Clubhouse is located at the 300 level in the right field section and features oversized baseballs, bases, and baseball cards.

Pro Sports Venues Benefit from Special In-Stadium Spaces

Kids are unlikely to sit through an entire game. As soon as the kids get antsy, many families may leave the game early. With a play space, parents can take the kids for a break so that they can stay for the entire game. The importance of elevating the fan experience at sporting events has increased significantly. Shorter attention spans and increased ticket costs have led to a shrinking audience and lower concessions sales. Thus, sporting venues must be more enticing and offer something extra.

With baseball season coming to an end, it’s a great time to consider upgrades to your stadium, including new kids play areas. These play areas also inspire the youngest fans to become lifelong ones, and when working with PLAYTIME, there is no limit to your imagination. PLAYTIME creates custom-designed play areas which can align with your theme or mascot.

Enhanced Experiences for Many Venues

So many different spaces can benefit from kids play areas. Sporting venues, theme parks, hotels, and other family-friendly settings are perfect for enhanced experiences. PLAYTIME products and architectural accents can be branded to fit any theme. These play areas can be aesthetically pleasing as well as interactive fun for the kids. Learn more about how PLAYTIME can bring a new play experience to your venue.


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