ARMA Live! Is the premier event for information professionals to connect, learn, and shape the profession. This year’s event will be held in Anaheim, California, from October 22-24, and Polygon will be on hand in Booth #724 to meet you and showcase our important services.

About ARMA

ARMA is a non-profit organization whose mission is to empower the community of information professionals to advance their careers, organizations, and the profession. In their ongoing efforts to be the driving force that enables organizations to harness the strategic power of information, each year they host ARMA Live!–a powerful event dedicated to the critical industry of information professionals.

About Live!

Those who manage and secure data are key players in almost every organization, and ARMA strives to support those who manage this critical asset for their teams. This year’s ARMA theme is the power of I. Information is power, especially when managed and leveraged by highly trained and knowledgeable information professionals. ARMA Live! is a great opportunity to meet with other superheroes in the exploding field of information management.

Polygon’s Services

Polygon is thrilled to be participating in this year’s event. Our organization has dedicated document restoration facilities throughout the United States and offers the most advanced techniques for document recovery and complete media restoration. Our vacuum freeze-drying process is the most efficient and effective method for the drying of wet papers and other documents.

In addition, we utilize state-of-art recovery and protection services in desiccant air drying, cleaning and sterilization, and digital imaging. Our complete offerings include paper, books, blueprints, X-rays, film restoration, copying, and scanning services. We invite you to stop by Booth #724 in Anaheim to discover more about these processes.

To learn more about the critical role of Polygon in supporting the information industry, visit us online today!

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