United Nation of Fans: How the Sports Industry Can Break Global Barriers, with Darren Walls of SportsHosts


People, wherever they are in the world, can connect with each other through sports; it’s the world’s universal language that transcends all. People who love competition are passionate about it, and it provides an escape from reality unlike almost anything else. So, how is the sports industry finding ways to play on that global passion and bring people together to share in new yet familiar experiences?

On today’s podcast, we speak with Darren Walls, CEO of SportsHosts, about creating human connections and powerful experiences through the love of sports.

SportsHosts is a new company that wants to make sporting events more fun for out-of-country or even out-of-state visitors; they pair people new to a specific city or sport with local hosts who are passionate about the home team and bring them together to experience the game together. Before the game, the host takes the visitors to his or her favorite spots for food or fun, and then sits and cheers along with them in the seats, live in the stadium, to give the guest an authentic fan experience.

Walls points out that in today’s world, we’re connected more than anyone could’ve possibly imagined with smart devices and social media, and yet he feels like we’re a lonelier world than ever. For Walls, his company and the industry as a whole has an opportunity to encourage connection, understanding and positivity more so than any other.

Give this podcast a listen to hear Walls’ methodology behind connecting people through a personal sense instead of a digital one, and how SportsHosts is changing the dynamic of sports fans today.

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