Carrie Cinosky says

The most expensive software or technology in your office is software or tech that’s not used, but as any team leader can tell you, implementing something new seems like an impossible catch-22.

That’s where companies like California-based Skyline Advanced Technology Services (ATS) come in. In this episode of the MarketScale Software & Technology Podcast, host Daniel Litwin sat down with Carrie Cinosky, Director of Sales Strategy Operations for Skyline ATS, to discuss the challenges companies face in implementing new technology.

Cinosky also shared how Skyline ATS partners with companies in intensive four-day, on-site training, and reveals the tactics they use to ensure their clients walk away with full retention of the software information.

“People think, ‘I can’t change my technology because I can’t change my people, and I can’t change my people because I can’t change my technology,” Cinosky said. This dilemma often stops businesses from implementing software that can improve productivity, profitability, and communication — a classic slow-to-adopt mentality.

“Customers don’t always realize what kind of impact it could be for their business,” Cinosky said. “But once they understand what it could mean for their environment and these are the people they need to put in place to support it, that’s when you get that true adoption. Then soon they feel, ‘I don’t know how we didn’t have this before.’”

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