Bringing One-click Checkouts to Merchants of All Sizes

February 22, 2022
Melissa Gonzalez

Ian Leslie, Senior Director of Retail Advocacy at Bolt, joined Retail Refined for a live chat at NRF 2020. Bolt is a San Francisco-based one-click checkout solution powering checkout across e-commerce merchants across the internet.

“We’re trying to bring one-click checkout to all merchants whether they’re big or small,” Leslie said. “Give them a best-in-class experience, and also allow them to be able to identify their customers and allow their customers to checkout as seamlessly as possible.”

Once Bolt gets installed on a merchant’s website, they have immediate access to the millions of shoppers on the Bolt Network. When a Bolt customer comes to that merchant’s website for the first time and has an existing Bolt account, having shopped on another Bolt site, they can quickly check out with a code they receive via text message or email they are in and out fast.

Many of the trends Leslie saw the industry heading towards involved more effortless online shopping experiences. And Bolt’s commitment was to help these merchants from enterprise to SMB make those easy purchase experiences possible. And with the growth of installment plans and APMs such as Apple Pay or PayPal check out, these are expectations the shopper has, and merchants need to deliver. “What’s great about Bolt is we’re gateway agnostic, so whether you check out via credit card or you check out via Apple Pay, Amazon Pay, or Klarna, it doesn’t matter to us,” Leslie said. “We just want the checkout to occur.”

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