Loyalty in Retail: Mastercard is Shaping the Future of Retail by Creating Meaningful Connections with Customers

April 1, 2024
Melissa Gonzalez


The retail space is heating up with innovation. Consumers are increasingly seeking personalized experiences and brands are harnessing the powers of new technologies and data to fulfill these demands like never before. In today’s episode of Retail Refined, host Melissa Gonzalez has partnered with Mastercard, a global leader in the solutions at the forefront of this transformation.

In this episode, Melissa and Mastercard are addressing hot topics like the role personalization plays in building customer loyalty, how brands can leverage technology to create more meaningful connections with their customers, and more. Right off the heels of retail’s big event Shoptalk, Retail Refined host Melissa Gonzalez sits down with Stephanie Meltzer-Paul, Executive Vice President of Global Loyalty at Mastercard, for her insights on the evolving landscape of personalization and loyalty in retail.

Key points of discussion include:

  • The importance of a strategic approach to personalization and loyalty.
  • How Mastercard’s solutions are helping brands worldwide enhance customer experiences.
  • The impact of generational differences on loyalty program expectations and the rise of Gen AI in personalizing shopping experiences.

With a background in leading digital and loyalty initiatives for prominent brands, Stephanie Meltzer-Paul brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. Her expertise in data-driven strategies and creative solutions has been instrumental in driving significant digital revenue growth and enhancing customer engagement.

Article written, in partnership with Mastercard, by MarketScale.

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