Enthusiastic and Trained Employees can Enhance Experiences and Drive Success in Physical Retail

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In today’s retail landscape, big-box retailers are emphasizing the importance of their physical locations, even as the digital marketplace continues to expand. Stores like Dick’s Sporting Goods and Walmart are not just maintaining their brick-and-mortar presence but are actively enhancing it with features like interactive elements and new store openings. This reassertion of the physical store experience underscores the critical role of the retail workforce who are at the front lines of customer interactions. Empowering these employees is vital as they are key to delivering quality in-store experiences that attract and retain customers.

During a recent Experts Talk episode, Allen Adamson, Co-Founder of Metaforce, provided deep insights into why major retailers are doubling down on their physical stores. He stressed that while the infrastructure of brick-and-mortar is essential, the real value comes from the interactions customers have with the staff. Adamson argued that the human element within these stores plays a pivotal role in differentiating the shopping experience from the impersonal nature of online shopping. By focusing on training, motivating, and retaining skilled employees, retailers can create an environment where the workforce is not just present, but engaged and enthusiastic, thereby enhancing the overall customer experience.

“Retailers need to realize that, yes, they’re building with bricks and mortars, but that’s the stage. The experience is going to be provided by the people at checkout, the people who greet you, the people who help you pack up, the people who help you select, and the people who help you understand what’s the best choice for you. And that is a huge challenge because talent is so hard to find and keep. But I would say that should be their North Star. We need to make sure our team on our floor, is engaged, excited, and super trained to help our customers have a terrific, not buying experience, but complete experience,” Adamson emphasized.

Article written by Sonia Gossai

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