GNC’s Omni-Channel Evolution From Brick and Mortar to Commerce Hub

November 29, 2023
Melissa Gonzalez


The transformation from a traditional brick-and-mortar store to an integrated commerce hub is crucial in the fast-evolving retail landscape. GNC’s omni-channel evolution epitomizes this shift, blending in-person and digital experiences to meet the contemporary consumer’s demands. But what does this mean for the future of retail?

“Retail Refined,” hosted by Melissa Gonzalez, welcomes Nate Frazier, the COO and Executive Vice President of GNC, to explore this question. They discuss how GNC’s approach to becoming a commerce hub has revolutionized the health and wellness sector, particularly in the VMS (Vitamins, Minerals, Supplements) space.

Gonzalez and Frazier’s discussion includes the following highlights:

  • GNC’s role as a launchpad for innovative health products
  • The impact of consumer behavior trends and the pandemic on wellness awareness
  • GNC’s omnichannel strategies for enhancing customer experience

Nate Frazier brings a wealth of experience to GNC, having led significant corporate growth initiatives and a retail turnaround, positioning himself as a thought leader in the health and wellness industry. His approach to retail strategy responds to current trends. It anticipates future consumer needs, ensuring GNC remains at the forefront of the health and wellness conversation as a leading commerce hub.

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