Scale Factor: How is Leveraging Retail Media to Scale its Online Furniture Aggregator

August 15, 2023

In a world where online shopping reigns supreme, niche platforms have risen to provide more tailored experiences for both consumers and retail brands. is among such platforms, specializing in aggregating furniture and furnishings for the home and connected end-users with a wide variety of sellers. Like the Zillow of home furniture, ufurnish guides users to compare and discover optimal products for their space. With around 115,000 members from a potential UK market of 50-55 million, the potential for growth is astounding.

So, how exactly is bridging the gap and revolutionizing the way we shop for furniture online? What is’s scale factor, and what’s on the horizon for their company?

In this episode of Scale Factor hosted by Daniel Litwin, the Voice of B2B, Raymond Wright, the CCO & co-founder of delves deep into the brand’s journey, strategies, and vision.

Highlights from the episode:

  • The core strategy revolves around owning the space for furniture search, aiming to be the world’s leading search and comparison platform for furniture. This means building a value proposition of decisive and engaging retail media that promotes brands and entices consumers.
  • Feedback and tech development are crucial, with agile methodology at the core of their technological evolution.
  • ufurnish has raised £5.2 million, translating roughly to nearly $7 million US dollars. All investments came from private investors, with the majority being angels who bring value through introductions and support.
  • At the current stage, the company has chosen equity financing because of the value investors can bring. While debt might be considered in the future, they believe that their growth and objectives are better served by the equity route.
  • Their business generates vast amounts of data due to high user engagement. They believe that by utilizing this data, they can provide valuable insights to manufacturers and retailers. There’s a strong belief that, if executed correctly, the business could generate revenues exceeding £200 million in the UK alone within the next four to six years.
  • With retailers focusing more on digital experiences and trying to reduce brick and mortar footprints, the company sees potential in converging digital and physical retail experiences. They’re also looking into how to strategically navigate the evolving media landscape, especially given changes in tracking metrics and the phase-out of cookies in advertising.

Raymond Wright is a seasoned business leader with over 20 years of experience, specializing in strategy, sales, marketing, data, product management, and operations across global markets. He co-founded, a leading search and discovery platform for home furniture, where he has held pivotal roles, including Chief Commercial Officer and Chief Revenue & Operations Officer. Additionally, Raymond has held significant positions at Lead Forensics, Lexmark, and efm Logistics Services Group, and took a gap year to travel the world, learning Spanish and volunteering in Latin American communities.

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