Some Shifts in the Retail Supply Chain are Temporary, While Other Changes are Here to Stay

November 21, 2023


The current landscape of the retail supply chain has been in turmoil in recent years, with unexpected and disruptive challenges like the Suez and Panama Canal incidents, alongside the ongoing digitization struggles. Now, this volatile environment turns up critical questions about the resilience and adaptability of supply chains given unanticipated disruptions. With the retail supply chain management at a pivotal stage, understanding the evolving dynamics and future directions of this sector is priority.

As the world continues to navigate an era marked by disruption and rapid change, how are retail supply chains adapting, and what strategies are proving most effective in navigating these turbulent waters?

On a new segment of “Fad, Trend, and Strategy” on “What Just Happened” podcast, host Christine Russo talked with David Marcotte from Kantar Retail and James Tenser of VSN Media and BrainTrust commentator at RetailWire. The three of them discussed the trajectory of the retail supply chain. They further detailed what areas of the shift fell into fad, trend, or strategy. The episode also explored the complex nature of the retail supply chain’s disruptions, exploring the changes in coastal exports in the U.S., the ongoing challenges with digitization, and the impact of sustainability regulations on the industry.

Their conversation covered more on supply chain disruptions and they also:

  • Examined the recent shift in U.S. export routes and its impact on logistics.
  • Discussed some of the challenges and failures in implementing digital solutions.
  • Explored upcoming apparel sustainability regulations and their impact on the industry.

David Marcotte is the SVP at Kantar Retail and the SVP of Operations and Strategic Advisory Services, Americas, for Kantar Consulting. Marcotte has expertise in cross-industry, cross-border, and tech-related aspects of retail. Additionally, he has an extensive background in the dynamics of supply chain management. James Tenser is the President of VSN Media and a seasoned BrainTrust commentator at RetailWire. Tenser has in-depth insights into retail strategies and trends.

Article written by Alexandra Simon.

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