The Future of Retail, Gaming and Entertainment

January 14, 2021


When looking at the future of retail, gaming and entertainment, there is a significant opportunity for these industries to evolve, grow and leverage emerging technologies. On this episode of To the Edge and Beyond, Cheol Kim, General Manager of Intel IOT Retail, Gaming and Entertainment offers a look ahead.

In the realm of retail, Intel focuses on three outcomes. Kim explained, “They are to provide a frictionless customer experience, improve operations and augment workforces.”

These three outcomes cross many use cases, and Kim discussed what they really mean for retailers in the future.

“To improve the customer experience, technology can have major impacts. Self-checkout kiosks and autonomous stores enable frictionless shopping. Smart shelves and virtual dressing rooms provide new opportunities to engage shoppers under a variety of conditions,” he said.

Technology, specifically edge computing, boosts operational efficiency with data capabilities. “Examples include the use of RFID for real-time inventory management as well as analysis of safety protocols like temperature scans and monitoring physical distancing,” Kim commented.

In the world of gaming and entertainment, those industries were hit hard by the pandemic. Kim is optimistic on the long-term outlook, as these markets are adopting digital technology with speed. “We are focused on consolidating computing workloads that maximize performance of AI, computer vision, security, graphics rendering and platform optimization,” Kim said.

Kim is also responsible for digital out of home (DOOH), which is digital advertising automation and optimization of media reach to customers outside the home. This medium is traditionally one to many and has opportunity to become more intelligent and smarter by serving improved content to the right audience.

The future of this market is becoming 3A compliant. 3A refers to addressable (serving ads to the right audience in proximity), accountable (how many people see it, who are they and how long do they see it) and attributable (what’s the business impact from the exposure to the ads). “We’re working with partners to provide the next generation of DOOH tools and improve the value of this medium,” he said.

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