Why Amazon Fashion Was the Answer For GAP Expansion


GAP just launched a dedicated storefront on Amazons fashion platform, marking the most recent of big brands turning to Amazon for e-commerce launches. What should onlooking retail businesses make of this trend? Co-Founder of Riverbend ConsultingLesley Hensell gives her take on the news and highlights why the current cost of innovation could be a major driver for partnerships.

“Retailers like GAP have big challenges because innovation is very expensive, and right now in this economy, there is no money to innovate. So instead, it really makes sense to add Amazon as a readymade sales channel. Amazon has literally hundreds of billions of prime members who buy on Amazon and like the two-day shipping.

This makes it a great place for someone like GAP to go to try and get those quick sales and the fast turnover on their highest selling items. I think you’re going to see more and more retailers and grand owners go to Amazon and open that channel they were afraid of before because it just makes sense to try and drive revenue during a tough time.”


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