Chemists Advance Sustainable Battery Technology

Utah State University (USU) chemists are successfully advancing battery technology with a new molecular design for aqueous organic redox flow batteries (AORFB) that could create a new large-scale renewable energy source.

The race to develop new, reliable battery technology, along with wind and solar power, is occurring world-wide on many fronts. USU’s battery study is scientifically notable, according to the chemists involved in the project.

First, the battery utilizes a unique two-electron structure that allows the use of abundant available organic materials including nitrogen and hydrogen. Secondly, the battery produces an impressive 1.44 volts of energy in an aqueous electrolyte while maintaining significant energy efficiency and capacity retention.

Traditional battery technologies can be cumbersome and unstable, so USU’s effort will be enthusiastically welcomed by the renewable energy community if the project continues to progress.

Read more at ScienceDaily

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