‘Everything Everywhere All At Once’ Reminds Scientists and Metaphysicians That Researching the Multiverse Has Important Thematic Fundamentals

The multiverse theory has been the subject of scientific research and philosophical debate for decades. It is a theory that suggests the existence of multiple universes beyond our own, each with its own unique physical laws and properties. Along with the recent phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, 2023’s Best Picture-winning film Everything Everywhere All At Once has brought this concept to a wider audience and reignited discussions about the nature of the multiverse. Where do the preeminent experts in this field, both scientists and metaphysicians, land in their current research and understanding of the multiverse?

While the multiverse theory is often discussed within the context of science and physics, it has also been explored within religious and spiritual traditions. Some religions, such as Hinduism and Buddhism, propose the existence of multiple realms or planes of existence beyond our own. These realms may be inhabited by deities, spirits, or other beings.

There are also scientific studies that suggest the multiverse theory may have implications for the nature of consciousness and reality itself. Some physicists have suggested that the existence of multiple universes could help explain the concept of quantum entanglement, where particles appear to be connected in ways that cannot be explained by traditional physics.

While multiverse theory is still a subject of debate and speculation, its exploration continues to provide insights into the nature of the universe and our place within it. As physicians and the larger scientific community continue to posit new perspectives and assessments as to the validity of the theory, there may be some more esoteric fundamentals that can widen the science community’s foundations for why exploring the multiverse is so fascinating and important to begin with. Mike Mantic, co-founder of personal consciousness exploration company Pathfinders, offers his insights on the thematic throughlines present in Everything Everywhere All At Once, and why they’re so important to understanding and researching the metaphysical nature of the multiverse.

Mike’s Thoughts:

“As a shamanic and older states of consciousness practitioner, I’m a strong supporter in the primacy of lived experience and the power of our consciousness. This movie picked up on some major clues quantum physics has given us about the nature of existence, but I find those potentials are best explored and unraveled through consciousness exploration. In this space, we can explore the universes that branch off and the choices we make, even meet those other aspects of ourselves to see where those choices may have taken us. More importantly, we can use consciousness exploration to see how we show up in the universe as multi-dimensional beings, which goes beyond the scope of this movie, and tap into the knowledge, wisdom and ability that those other aspects of ourselves have developed in order to, as it says in the movie itself, live up to your ultimate potential.

So, these connections and explorations can provide unparalleled insight into who we are, fully expressed as that ultimate potential, and provide a guiding light for other consciousness explorers to expand their true nature and purpose, far beyond who we currently understand ourselves to be in this world. I’ve found that this level of consciousness exploration can give us a deeper understanding of how the universe is and the opportunity to explore new concepts, ideas, and possibilities that could potentially lead us as individuals and as a species into a more advanced future.

Now, the movie picks up on these themes, particularly alternate realities that come from the specific choices that we make in our lives, and that sort of splitting off of the universe into alternate realities. However, I reckon it could go so much further. I don’t think it’s quantum physics that’s going to come through with the answers for us as a species. I think it’s exploring our own consciousness and making changes internally.”

Article written by Sonia Gossai.

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