The future of space exploration looked bleak after 2010 when NASA’s Space Shuttle program was officially retired. Beyond satellites and research conducted from the ISS, there weren’t many plans to travel the stars. That is, until private companies such as SpaceX, Blue Origin, Orbital ATK, and others fundamentally changed the way the industry operated, pushing the limits of who could take the next steps beyond Earth. Enter Tanya Gupta, a VR intern at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center.

Because of these thriving government and private partnerships for space travel, technology in the space is flourishing, allowing for upgrades in AR and VR to take hold and grow exponentially. Tanya joined us on this Science episode of Wildfire to give us insight on how technology like VR is simplifying and speeding up the process for innovation in aerospace engineering, the collaborative power of NASA, and why being a creative in the STEM space was so important for her (pun intended). She also sheds a little light on her fabulous twitter name, Space Barbie.

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