Biosolids are nutrient-rich, organic materials that result from wastewater treatment – and they can play an enormous role in soil amendment and quality when recycled for those purposes.

Essentially, the sludge left behind by wastewater treatment is treated to become safe to handle, resulting in biosolids. Previously, sludge wound up in landfills, where it served no beneficial purpose – now, the aforementioned recycling efforts are driving real benefits for our shared environment.

Denali Water Solutions is on the front line of engaging in this beneficial use of biosolids, particularly as fertilizer for farming operations in a process known as land application.

“What we’re doing is applying material on the land, and the purpose is to provide nutrients for plants to grow,” said Chris Marks of Denali Water Solutions. “We have trucks that will haul material from the wastewater plant and deliver it to whatever farm field we’re spreading on.”

The biosolids are spread evenly by spreading trucks, ensuring the field and the soil it contains get the perfect amount of nutrients for optimal growth.

Most treatment plants already treat the sludge to a point where it’s safe to use in land application, meaning Denali’s role in picking up the biosolids and bringing them to the place they’ll be used is usually rather simple – though some areas of the country do present challenges in the form of regulations.

To get more insights into the land application process, watch the entire episode below.

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