5G UltraWideband

5G technology will transform businesses from the factory floor all the way to better customer experiences. And with Verizon’s Nationwide 5G coverage and the unprecedented performance of UltraWideband, the fastest 5G in the world, businesses can take advantage of all 5G has to offer today. Mike Haberman, Vice President of Technology for Verizon, spoke to James Kent about 5G solutions and how it’s ready to start making a difference now.

“There are three main elements of 5G, itself,” Haberman explained. “The first one is to increase the throughput. We want to have faster connections available in more areas. And the second thing people are going to learn more about is latency, which is how much it lags. What’s the end-to-end delay in the information? The 5G system was designed in a way to have lower latencies. And then the third one, as with any wireless technology, it’s also to increase the capacity in terms of how many uses it can handle by being built in a way you can allow higher bandwidths or higher frequencies.” Haberman equated this to more available lanes on a highway.

While higher frequencies mean a decrease in range, Haberman saw this as an advantage because it allows for much tighter control of radio frequencies. “Now, and going forward, we can be very precise in where we’re trying to deploy it,” Haberman said. “If you’re a business and you’re putting in a private 5G system in your building, you can do a good job of where it’s propagated in your building, who you’re trying to serve, where the users are so that you can design a very effective system.” And on the fixed wireless side, businesses can take advantage of Verizon’s 5G UltraWideband.

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