Adventures in Technology with DCD’s Peter Judge (Part 1)

Peter Judge may have started his education journey with a degree in physics from Cambridge University, but most will know him from his work as a writer in the technology space.

His current role is as the Global Editor for DataCenterDynamics, and he shared his experience and thoughts on technology and datacenters with Raymond Hawkins.

Judge started his career in tech journalism back in the 80s at the beginning of the personal computer revolution.

“Journalism, when I started, was about phoning people, going to meet them, typing up the notes on a manual typewriter, and sending it to someone else to typeset it,” Judge said. “These were a whole lot of core processes that no longer exist.”

One of the first changes, Judge noted, was his company got a DEC rainbow PC, which they used to type and edit. And, from that point on, the advancements in technology kept moving forward.

Judge recalled many of the advancements in computing, like the personal computer and the internet.

“We thought that personal computers were kind of fun, useful, but we didn’t foresee how fast they would change things,” Judge said.

The same holds for the internet, where no one could predict how important a role it would play in everyone’s lives.

And, although Judge saw the potential for what the world wide web could do, he was wrong about one thing.

“I remember thinking that, when information is free, easy, and sharable and lives in this new internet world, it’s going to be really hard for lies to get spread,” he said.

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