AI in Marketing: Embracing its Unstoppable Power

December 13, 2023
Aby Varma


Everyone knows artificial intelligence (AI) is reshaping industries, but where does marketing fit into the puzzle? Integrating marketing strategies with AI is no longer futuristic but a present reality. With a staggering growth trajectory, Statista projects AI will reach a global market value in marketing of $107.5 billion by 2028. This explosive growth raises a critical question: How can marketers harness the power of AI to stay ahead in a rapidly evolving digital landscape?

This core question forms the basis of conversation for the latest Marketing AI SparkCast episode hosted by Aby Varma, a seasoned B2B marketing leader. Dive into the future of marketing with this electrifying and fun episode as Varma joins forces with Austin Distel from Jasper AI, unveiling the transformative power of AI in marketing. Discover how AI reshapes content creation and strategy. Also, explore some of Jasper AI’s cool capabilities as an AI copilot for marketing teams to help them achieve high-quality, brand-compliant acceleration of campaigns, content, SEO, and social projects. Hear Austin’s perspective on ethical AI use and future trends that could redefine your marketing playbook. Perfect for marketers, tech enthusiasts, or anyone curious about AI’s impact on business – this episode is a must-listen!

Key Points of Discussion:

  • Distel shares his insights into how AI is revolutionizing marketing, from automating mundane tasks to enhancing creative processes
  • Practical tips and strategies for integrating AI into marketing workflows
  • The ethical implications of AI and future trends in this dynamic field

Austin Distel is a tech entrepreneur, investor, and speaker based in Austin, Texas. Founders and marketers frequently bookmark his content to learn how to implement AI tools for scaling up marketing across various channels. He was a part of Jasper AI’s founding team, serving as the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) during their launch in January 2021.

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