Steve Kaiser, CEO of OrecX, believes the best innovations come from collaboration, and that’s why his organization’s audio capture platform is open source.

With some of the most sophisticated and highest-rated peer-reviewed recording software in the industry, Kaiser makes it his mission to increase business value by unlocking the data derived from spoken communication.

He stopped by the Software & Technology podcast to provide insights on an industry amid exciting changes and opportunities.

Kaiser believes now is a perfect opportunity for businesses to take advantage of the latest data-gathering analytics technology in the telephony space.

“If businesses have recording infrastructure in place and they are committed to it, they may keep it,” Kaiser said. “That’s a safe, conservative way to look at it. However, if these businesses want to participate in the world of AI-fueled speech analytics, their proprietary systems need to support the type of modeled, access, and quality control required to interact with third-party analytic vendors.”

Sometimes, these proprietary systems block companies from using any third-party solution and require them to purchase expensive add-ons. OrecX’s approach is an audio-capture system that runs parallel to a businesses’ existing recording system.

By doing this method, a company can capture the data for analyzing without purchasing expensive proprietary solutions and without replacing their existing setup.

But do businesses recognize the value in the data they are capturing with recorded customer interactions? Kaiser said there’s a lot of opportunities to gain valuable insights into customer experience, satisfaction, and internal operations procedures.

“If that information is not in a repurposable format, then the opportunities for using it may be lost,” he said.

Once a business creates the ability to gather accurate recording data from its platform, many analytics providers can help make sense and value from that data, Kaiser said.

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