Educating the Industry is an Investment for the Future

If you’ve ever watched a movie with an image shot from above, odds are they used Candrone technology. But drones have more uses than just filming and President of Candrone, Justin Hannewyk, knows that. Hannewyk sits down alongside Lead UAS Pilot Zach Rolfe to discuss the future of drone delivery and education as a part of Draganfly with host Grant Guillot.

Hannewyk started by explaining his origins with Candrone starting in the film industry, “We actively explored the multi-rotor realm and it worked very very well…we were able to grow our services,” beyond that of working with film giants like Disney and MGM.

“Now,” said Hannewyk, “We are building for the future,” with their robotics consultancy.

This future welcomes changes in drone delivery and supports education for the industry.

“We are doing drone delivery for the medical side,” stated Rolfe. With time sensitive deliveries, their achievements include, “Developing multiple custom payloads to carry various size cargo containers. We’ve flown over 300 flights to date with those containers and we have also started our initial testing in developing night-time operations for those delivery concepts,” he said.

It is estimated that by 2027 medical drone delivery will be worth “$947 million” not to mention “developing the technology that can save lives which is priceless,” said Rolfe.

Hannewyk added that, “drones and the delivery of key essential goods” help get “important items quickly to areas.”

Candrone has a partnership with Alabama State University for a pilot project with the goal to make “education fun and engaging.” The first 20 students to sign up for the course not only learn that they can have a viable career path with drones, but get a free drone with the course.

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