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Veronika Wright

EV & Battery Consultant Electrified Veronika

The Future State of EV Range, Charging Speeds, and Performance Looks a Lot Like the Present


As the electric vehicle (EV) landscape continues to evolve, what does the future hold for EV range, charging speeds, and performance?

Veronika Wright, also known as Electrified Veronika™, an EV & Battery Consultant, offers a glimpse into the future, emphasizing the importance of infrastructure investment and the realistic expectations for EV technological advancements in the next decade.

“In terms of range, and also, you know, that’s the same for charging speed and overall performance, we are leveling out, I would say, what we see on a commercial side,” Wright said. “You know, really, the production of EVs within the next ten years, you will not see any huge difference from what we have today.”

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