How to improve the Customer Experience in Telecoms with Tech

Improving the support, experience and success of customers is the ultimate service goal for any industry or organization, and it is especially critical in telecom. Jay Anderson, CTO, Fiberlight, knows how essential all three are to the overall success of both his customers and his company.

He joined Cleide Lund, Director of Product Services at 3-GIS, and host Tyler Kern for a customer-centric Fiberside Chat.

“In our business, most of our customers are larger enterprise customers, as well as other content providers and other large carriers, themselves,” Anderson said. “And, so, having rapid access in our environment when it comes to infrastructure, internet access, as well as just transport for data services is hugely instrumental in the businesses that are buying our services. Having quick access to that means a happy customer.”

“Customer experience is everything for a company,” Lund added. “It includes a lot of moving pieces that boil down to the perception that the customer builds of our brand. So, for us, customer experience and customer success are of utmost importance. And for clients like Fiberlight, we want to feel that they know we are here to support them and proactively guide them on how to reach the expected outcomes better.”

The telecom industry moves rapidly, with constant changes in the marketplace and new requirements for different information. Customers rely on the CX systems of Fiberlight and 3-GIS to keep on top of these changes to deliver results.

“One hundred percent of our clients use our ticketing system to track all those inquiries or any tasks that they need to be done,” Lund said. “And, for us, it is very important to have one source of truth to provide that information to our clients, whether the ticket has been solved or is waiting on some resolution from the product side. Having the clients using that and having everyone have access to that makes the communication between our clients and us much more effective.”

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