Good Social Media Marketing is About These Three Things, with Nick Mattar, Marketing Faculty at Wayne State University


There is no uniform playbook on social media that could cover the sheer breadth of the topic or keep up with its speed of change. When it comes to this arm of digital marketing, everyone is learning day by day.

On this episode of the MarketScale Digital Marketing Professor Series, we spoke with Director of Marketing for the Detroit Regional Chamber, and part-time faculty at Wayne State University Nick Mattar. He teaches the university’s first digital marketing overview course for undergraduate students.

Mattar discussed the mechanics of implementing a good social media post into digital marketing plans, which means integrating three primary elements: engaging copy, a value
proposition and a call to action.

“The call to action is one piece, and also the value proposition. How is this going to stand out in a feed where people are seemingly scrolling for hours on end?” Mattar said. Businesses are hoping for more than just a noticeable tweet, though. Social media has become a method of attracting clients and increasing revenue.

“Not just posting on behalf of a business but, how can I turn this content into something that drives the bottom line? What is the ROI of this content? That question is hard to answer in a lot of different scenarios,” Mattar said.

Mattar also pointed out that not every social media platform serves the same purpose. Twitter for example, is a great tool for brand awareness but does not produce the concrete benefit that a site like LinkedIn does, according to the professor. “The number-one key that I tell students from day one is, when you’re looking at social media analytics, you need to look at that click-through rate and your conversion rate, because that will tell you how successful these posts are for a business,” he said. “It’s not about the vanity metrics like the likes and comments, and those are important, but the key is how much is the business gaining from this post?”

Not all content is the same and having a comprehensive and strategic social media plan is critical to ensure businesses get the most out of their efforts. More than a decade after the birth of social media, the world is still catching up to it. However, by keeping Mattar’s three primary focuses in mind, businesses can benefit more than their competition.

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