During the pandemic, networks have emerged as the essential glue keeping people connected while apart. Jason Carolan, Chief Innovation Officer, Flexential, spoke about the profound changes occurring in the interconnectivity space allowing next-generation technologies to evolve at a rapid pace.

“The network has become a crucial platform,” Carolan said. “Think about how we’ve been able to order food and groceries to be delivered, get our prescriptions filled, and so forth … We’ve navigated to the platform that’s powered by the network, and that’s really saved us during this time.”

Access to technology commonplace to many businesses, such as VPNs, laptops and other communication tools, became front-and-center challenges during the pandemic as work shifted remotely almost overnight.

“I think the agility part of this is huge,” Carolan said.

Businesses and schools had to find ways to accommodate not only access to their platforms and systems. but reliable internet access. Today’s technological advancements made such remote work and learning possible.

One of the next-generation technologies playing a critical role in handling data flow and latency is edge computing.

“Instead of having centralized cloud platforms and data centers in relatively few locations, the edge will be in millions of locations. Edge will allow us to consume services quite differently from today and rely on them even more,” Carolan said.

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