Any business, large or small, has a data center and internal network. These networks require maintenance. Most companies hire service providers responsible for channel alliances, but in fact, there is another way…and it’s cheaper. Enter Reliant Technology.

Our guest today, Mike Steiner, Director of Technical Services with Reliant Technology, broke down this complex system with over 16 years of experience in manufacturing.

OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturer) have typically been the point of contact for provider partnerships. On today’s podcast we focused on the key differences between Reliant Technology, a third party provider, and OEMs, learning about client stories and case studies that explain why OEMs are not the only way.

Using a “hybrid maintenance strategy,” Steiner explained what sets Reliant Technology apart. He carefully explained the inverse relationship between OEMs and a third party approach.

“The more market share the brand has…the more parts there are on the open market,” he said, explaining how the price goes down as demand rises.

“Because we are a third party provider we have all the skill sets that you would expect for the data center work that we do,” Steiner said, explaining why Reliant Technology is fully capable of the task at hand. Additionally, Reliant Technology is a smaller organization, allowing for more flexibility and a personal feel and approach.

Steiner divulged where he sees the future of third party providers going, elaborating on why he believes there will be more adoption over time, and why people will be more open to building solutions out of used gear.

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