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Earthlings: The Play-and-Earn Gaming Metaverse on Hedera


Gaming and NFTs are a combination that has seen an incredible increase within the last several years. It’s been noted, however, that often times within Metaverse gaming, the product is viewed as empty or not delivering on entertainment promises made in earlier trailers. Not taking the proper time for design and concept and a lack…

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Software & Technology
How the N-Tron®️ Series Ethernet Switches Protect a Network from Multicast Related Issues

Since the advent of the computer, many technological developments have later followed in helping improve how information and data is shared. Of course, in all its benefits, technology is not foolproof, and plenty issues have arisen as a result. Multicast, which is a communication method via ethernet, is a type of connection where data…

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Better Broadband
Better Broadband: IoT and Connectivity as a Service

In early July 2022, nearly a quarter of the Canadian population was disconnected after a significant network went down. The outage impacted emergency services, banks, hospitals, and nearly every other industry (BBC). “Connectivity is at the heart of all businesses of all sizes,” said Steve Higgins, President of MobileWare. From residences to businesses, more outputs…

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Community Generated Content - Trident Solutions
The Marking Minute -Presco: Fiber-Build and FTTH Project Space

When the onset of the pandemic pushed everyone back into their homes, one of our greatest assets became having uninterrupted access to the internet. While fiber to the home initiatives (FTTH) were on the up and coming prior to COVID-19, the pandemic brought a slush of funding and attention to the industry. National Account Manager…

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Industrial IoT
Not Your Father’s Data Center Podcast by Compass Datacenters: A Look into the Impact of COVID-19 on the Data Center Industry

The data center industry is probably not the first industry one would think of when it comes to changes from the pandemic since data is stored virtually. Tim Huffman, Vice President of CBRE, joined Host Raymond Hawkins, Chief Revenue Officer of Compass Datacenters, to discuss the surprising number of shifts that actually occurred in the…

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Trusted Communications
How Cyber Attacks Work. Why You need to Know.

Unfortunately, high profile cyber attacks have become the norm in recent years, with some of the world’s most recognizable brands falling victim to hacking. Marco Berger, Head of Utilities and Critical Infrastructures at Ribbon ECI, shared some insight into the anatomy of a cyber attack to help shed light on how companies can better prepare…

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Nokia Today
Can Private Networks Pave the Way for Powerful Industry 4.0 Automation?

What is private wireless, how does it works, and how does it differ from other solutions? Is it ready to pave the way for an even more expansive 5G rollout? You’ve come to the right place for answers. On this episode of Nokia Today, host Tyler Kern was joined by Shawn Sparling, Head of…

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air quality
Superior Air Quality and HVAC Systems are Crucial for Senior Care
May 29, 2024

The demographic shift towards an aging population, projected to reach 27 million Americans in nursing and assisted living facilities by 2050, raises significant concerns about indoor air quality in these environments. With respiratory health already being a critical issue among seniors, the stakes are high for ensuring that HVAC systems are up to par….

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Trades industry
The Future of Data Centers: Cooling, Power, and ESG with Saqib Ashraf
May 28, 2024

In a rapidly evolving data center industry, cooling technologies are finally taking center stage, driven by the rise of AI and other high-density computing needs. In the latest episode of Straight Outta Crumpton, Saqib Ashraf, Director of Solutions Architecture at CPG, shares insights on the future of data centers as well as the challenges…

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With Walmart Health Shuttering Its Doors, Retail Healthcare Has to Rethink Its Role & Strategy in Primary Care
May 28, 2024

Retail healthcare is an uncertain slice of the U.S. healthcare industry, being defined by both recent strategic retreats and bold expansions which have sparked crucial discussions about the future of primary care services within the retail sector. The most recent news that shocked the industry was the shuttering of Walmart Health, Walmart’s 51 health…

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Edge Computing Smart Cities Experts Talk
Edge Computing is the Foundation for Scaled Smart Cities. How Can the Industry Accelerate Adoption?
May 28, 2024

As cities globally accelerate their transformation into “smart cities,” the integration of a capable computing ecosystem to complement smart city initiatives has become an important part of smart city success. How critical will edge computing be in that ecosystem, and in the facilitation of today’s and tomorrow’s smart city projects, especially with where smart…

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Other Articles
5 Network Upgrades You Need to Futureproof Your Business
April 24, 2021

Your network architecture and infrastructure is not something that you set up once and forget about, or revisit once per year. Rather, upgrading your network should be a constant process in order to prepare your business for the future. If you don’t improve and update your network, it will become slow and inefficient. Old networks…

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COVID Pushes the Cloud to an Enterprise Standard
March 2, 2021

On this MarketScale TV interview, Voice of B2B Daniel Litwin joins John Ezzell, co-founder and EVP of BIAS Corp., for a discussion around COVID’s impact on cloud technology adoption, and what has pushed the cloud from a differentiator to a standard. New research out of IDC points to the expansion of the cloud market, reaching…

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Twitter Goes All-In on Long-Form Content with Revue
February 15, 2021

On today’s episode of MarketScale TV, Voice of B2B Daniel Litwin sits down with Joe Sinkwitz, founder and CEO of Intellifluence, to give analysis on Twitter’s official acquisition of newsletter platform Revue and whether the hopes to bring more writers and publishers to the Twitter content ecosystem will pay off. Revue has become a popular…

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Sport Radio Personality Colin Cowherd Launches Podcast Network
February 9, 2021

Often-divisive but undeniably popular sports personalist Colin Cowherd is distancing from the major networks that have helped build his career, announcing that he’s starting his on podcast company under the name The Volume to dip his toes into the on-demand sports content landscape. Cowherd will lead the network with a signature podcast and anchor a…

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Biden Administration’s EdTech Plan: Bridge the Student Digital Divide
January 28, 2021

With a new administration comes new policy visions, and the Biden administration has already vocalized some priorities for the United States’ education system. Reporting out of The 74 Million asserts that the new administration is pointing to the digital divide amongst students as one of the first inequities it plans to tackle, as millions of…

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Supply Chain Hacking Breaks Cyber Trust
January 19, 2021

Bringing together leaders, lawmakers and lawbreakers. Host Luke Fox explores how innovations in business and technology are redefining our trust in security measures.   The principle of trust isn’t unique to human relationships. It’s also a significant part of technology infrastructures. This cyber trust is what lets software updates and patches from the development company…

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Midco Communications Taps Clearfield to Help Break Broadband Barriers by Topping Structures with Wireless Backhaul Solutions
December 9, 2020

MINNEAPOLIS– December 1, 2020 – Clearfield, Inc. (NASDAQ:CLFD), the specialist in fiber management for communication service providers, today announced that Midco Communications (Midco) is utilizing its Clearfield YOURx™ Flex Box, Clearview® Blue Cassette, FieldShield® FLATdrop and fiber cables to cost effectively create higher bandwidth point-to-point wireless backhaul connections in its network. Clearfield and Midco collaborated to craft a unique approach to bringing fiber…

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How B2B Companies Have Adapted Strategies Mid-COVID
September 22, 2020

The onset COVID-19 has left an undeniable impact on the global economy, affecting companies large and small across all industries. Some businesses experienced massive growth to keep up with consumer demands generated by the pandemic, while others struggled to adapt to this all too real reality. Dan Englander, Founder of Sales Schema, shared some insight…

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Xactly Selects Oracle as its Preferred Cloud Infrastructure Provider to Drive Continuous Innovation
September 21, 2020

REDWOOD SHORES, Calif., September 15, 2020 — Oracle today announced that Xactly, a leading provider of cloud-based sales performance management software, will be using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure as its primary cloud provider to run its flagship Incent SaaS application and accelerate its global expansion. As part of the multi-year agreement, Xactly will migrate the majority of…

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