How Cyber Attacks Work. Why You need to Know.

Unfortunately, high profile cyber attacks have become the norm in recent years, with some of the world’s most recognizable brands falling victim to hacking. Marco Berger, Head of Utilities and Critical Infrastructures at Ribbon ECI, shared some insight into the anatomy of a cyber attack to help shed light on how companies can better prepare for the serious risks that exist.

Berger believes it is important for business leaders to understand how these attacks happen so they can stay better prepared. “Not only commercial reasons, but also because it’s part of our day to day routine. It can affect not only our businesses, as well as our private life. So yes, it’s crucial and it’s very important,” Berger said.

One of the most important steps towards protection companies can take is simply having awareness of the vulnerabilities they face. One way that businesses can foster awareness about attacks, such as phishing emails, is to look at how cyber attacks take place. Berger warned that cyber security is an ongoing battle, “It’s a long run and once we start, it’s never finished.”

To continue to fight against cyber attacks, Berger expressed that it’s important to take a holistic approach from top to bottom to secure all points of the network and to try to achieve visibility within a company’s assets, passive assets, active assets, network assets, and computing assets. “Let’s not forget, today cybersecurity is a weapon of mass destruction by all means…So it should be not undermined and we should be taking a lot of care into developing those tools,” Berger warned.

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