The onset COVID-19 has left an undeniable impact on the global economy, affecting companies large and small across all industries. Some businesses experienced massive growth to keep up with consumer demands generated by the pandemic, while others struggled to adapt to this all too real reality. Dan Englander, Founder of Sales Schema, shared some insight into how B2B companies in particular have adapted their strategies mid-COVID to keep up with a seemingly ever changing landscape.

Strengthening your network appears to be making a difference during this difficult time period. “I think on the B2B side, what’s changing is that everybody’s kind of becoming an outsider to some degree. So I think there’s a lot of sacred cows that are being killed. And there’s a lot more openness to working with small groups of specialists that aren’t necessarily in the company,” Englander said.

Businesses that rely on networking to generate leads and to secure partnerships may find that social distancing orders have completely changed how they do business. “We used to go do these meet and greets, we used to have luncheons, we used to wine and dine people. And we can’t do that anymore. So now, you know, we need to figure this out,” Englander explained. Forming external connections is key according to Englander, especially during a time when we’re all struggling to feel connected. “I think there’s going to be more of an openness to working with people on the outside, because we’re all on the outside, we’re all working at our computers, for better or worse,” Englander said.

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