Old Systems are Creating Cybersecurity Challenges for Healthcare Orgs

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Healthcare organizations face significant hurdles in maintaining strong and secure cybersecurity measures as tech evolves. Some of that is due to aging network infrastructures and high costs of essential software, which have created complex cybersecurity challenges. As healthcare continues to rely increasingly on digital solutions for patient care, the stakes for securing these systems against cyber threats is now an extremely great task. 

How can healthcare organizations effectively enhance their cybersecurity strategies amidst financial and technological constraints?

During an “Experts Talk” roundtable shedding light on cybersecurity in healthcare, Davy Wittock, Chief Business Officer at Flux Technologies, shared his take on the subject of cybersecurity challenges. Wittock explained some of the intricacies of healthcare cybersecurity and how organizations can navigate their limited resources and outdated systems to safeguard sensitive patient data. 

Below are several takeaways from Wittick’s comprehensive analysis:

  • Many healthcare providers operate with network infrastructure that is decades old, making it difficult to implement modern security measures effectively.
  • The financial burden of necessary medical software, such as radiology and medical record systems, significantly strains budgets, often at the expense of cybersecurity spending.
  • Despite budget constraints, healthcare IT professionals implement critical security protocols, including intrusion detection systems, to combat cyber threats.
  • IT staff must balance security needs with the operational demands of healthcare environments, sometimes facing pushback from other hospital staff or systemic workflow challenges.
  • Ongoing education on cybersecurity, such as training against phishing attacks, is crucial, yet challenges persist due to the evolving nature of cyber threats and the occasional oversight in security strategies.

Wittock acknowledged that while the road to enhanced cybersecurity in healthcare is fraught with several cybersecurity challenges, strategic adjustments and a focus on continuous education and technological updates can create stronger protections.

Article written by Alexandra Simon.

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