Host Taylor Raglin was joined remotely inside MarketScale’s Trinity Studio by InMind Software CEO and Co-Founder Omar Saadoun, who was scheduled to be a part of the Industry X Pitching Battle event at the now-canceled MWC Barcelona 2020.

The event, like SXSW in Austin and many others across the globe, was cancelled due to coronavirus concerns.

Saadoun’s presentation was to center around a potential InMind blockchain solution for an emerging and polarizing industry – cannabis.

Essentially, by utilizing blockchain and the technology’s interconnections with the Internet of Things and mobile capabilities and innovation, Saadoun believes it’s possible to provide greater traceability and verification in the world of cannabis by tracking a batch from seedling to cured and saleable product.

“We’ve been working for the last three or four years on blockchain and mixing blockchain and mobile solutions,” Saadoun said. “Specifically, we were working on something called medicinal cannabis traceability. We are building one of the first platforms on top of blockchain for tracing medicinal cannabis.”

Beyond the cannabis industry and its exciting possibilities, Saadoun said blockchain capabilities could propel any number of global industries forward.

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