There are several situations that require the ability to capture an image. Few of them are more important than those pertaining to private investigations. On this episode of A Look Through the Lens podcast, Scott Stover, Domestic Case Manager for Whitesell investigative Services, sat down with Sean Heath and they discussed the importance of resolution and visibility in modern day investigations.

The investigative industry has gone through quite a dramatic evolution, explained Stover.

“Whereas in the past it was just kind of a gumshoe approach to where people would just go out there and start beating the bushes to try to find out information. In today’s world, we have to compete with all types of technology,” he said.

In a recent case, the functionality provided by the latest equipment was crucial, Stover added.

“We would not have gotten that the information we needed, or the evidence that we needed to solve this case. It just simply couldn’t have been done without this type of technology,” he said.

Private investigators also maintain a healthy focus on the “private” part of their work and a discreet form factor helps accomplish just that, he said.

“We’re not like the Magnum P.I.s who drive a red Ferrari and wear Hawaiian shirts. We want to blend in with the environment,” he said.

Stover also suggested a way in which this gear could be utilized to aid in the prevention of crime.

“This type of technology, in a fixed position, such as having the sensors or cameras in a fixed position to where they could monitor things at night, would be very beneficial in crime prevention through environmental design,” Stover said.

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