The Scalability of Drones Will Hinge on Safely Managing Drone Ecosystems

Andrew Carter, President and Co-Founder of ResilienX and CEO Ryan Pleskach sat down with Drones in America host Grant Guillot to discuss the increasing importance of security in UAS operations and their unique approach to safely managing drone ecosystems.

Formed by the same engineers that created the U.S. Army’s Ground Based Sense and Avoid System, ResilienX formed in 2018 with the foresight, “…to understand that that kind of system was going to be needed for the future of drone operations.”

Pleskach and Carter hope to transform drone deliveries for months and years to come with the ResilienX FRAIHMWORK: Fault Recovery and Isolation Health Monitoring frameWORK which highlights the increasing importance of security in UAS operations and provides “safety assurance for autonomous ecosystems.”

Guillot emphasized the importance of integrating public trust into future FAA decisions and drone acceptance. Pleskach highlighted that ResilienX adds to this, “Our solution will integrate horizontally across these ecosystems and allow for increased data transfers, trust in data, data quality assurance…”

Carter added that the goal is to provide a product that can monitor the drone ecosystem and provide safety assurance. One of the ways ResilienX does this is through partnering with cybersecurity-focused companies to create a contingency management platform.

ResilienX acknowledged that through working with a drone ecosystem in lieu of system to system, the fluidity of the operation is fast-paced and constantly evolving. This aids in the development and acknowledgement of innovation within the ecosystem.

As the FAA continues to publish new memorandums and regulations on the topic of autonomous systems and the integrity, safety, and management of these products, ResilienX aims to deliver.

Carter remarked on the safety assurance aspect of drones and the scalability of such a product. There is a need for performance validation and verification that everything is working correctly in order for there to be buy-in from the public.

To test these waters, Carter said that the company is rolling out pilot programs throughout the U.S. within the next 3 to 6 months and as the future unfolds, start to look towards the skies.

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