Transform Self-Service E-Commerce with iPickup Point That Redefines Convenience and Security

March 18, 2024


In the bustling world of e-commerce, the efficiency and security of package pickups, drop-offs, and returns are crucial. The launch of iPickup Point self-service e-commerce centers introduces a groundbreaking approach aimed at enhancing this aspect of online shopping.

This video explores the advanced technology behind iPickup Point, which integrates artificial intelligence, computer vision, tagless tracking technology, and BLE-based tracking with physical tags. It delves into how these points provide a secure digital chain of custody for all packages, along with a flexible pickup area that dynamically adjusts to meet seasonal demands. The system is designed to accommodate packages of all types and sizes, negating the need for traditional, cumbersome storage lockers.

If you’re interested in this innovative solution and seeking more information or want to get in touch with the creators, visit

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