Why are partners so important to the success of Verizon Business?

February 14, 2024

The success of Verizon Business heavily relies on its partners to extend and improve its service capabilities. Verizon Partners play a critical role in utilizing their expertise to enhance the overall customer experience and service delivery.

Jeff DeBeech, Channel Manager for the Mobility Co-Sell Program at Verizon Business, sheds light on the pivotal role partners play in the organization’s success. According to Jeff, partners are invaluable because they bring expertise in areas where Verizon may not hold as much depth, such as staging, kitting, logistics, and asset tagging. This collaboration not only broadens the scope of what Verizon can offer but also significantly enhances the customer experience, leading to overwhelmingly positive outcomes. Through this partnership model, Verizon Business is able to deliver a more comprehensive and satisfying service to its clients, underscoring the critical importance of partners in today’s business landscape.

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