Why SD-WAN Can Be A Work-From-Home Game-Changer with Eric Brooker

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Sorry, the most important thing for your company is what? I … I didn’t quite catch that.

If you’re hearing that too often on the other end of your Zoom or Teams calls, then Eric Brooker would like to have a word.

Brooker, the Senior Director of National Partner Programs for Bigleaf Networks, has watched as nearly the entire working world has moved online, but with so many households going under one roof, residential internet has struggled to keep up.

While Brooker has seen plenty of grace extended toward pet noises, children demanding attention or a doorbell interrupting a call, people are far less amenable to total network failures or frustrating blips in important conversations.

“In the world we’re sitting in today, I think there’s an understanding that your four-year-old may walk into your video meeting or a dog may bark when FedEx or UPS ring the doorbell, but there seems to be a lack of patience, as I’m seeing it, of ‘Hey, can you repeat yourself? I didn’t catch that.’ or, ‘Hey, sorry my internet was kind of funky.’”

Often it’s not the program itself having an issue but the functionality of the network. That’s why SD-WAN can be a strong solution, especially with a Bigleaf device that works outside the firewall and can automatically prioritize what’s important.

“Software Defined Wide Area Network is creating application performance, it’s accessing that on-site application or what seems to be more relevant even pre-COVID but certainly post-COVID is the need for cloud-based applications,” Brooker said. “Ultimately, you need those business-critical applications to work in a seamless fashion, each and every time you’re using them.”

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