Achieving Sustainability in Fitness with Dallas & Christy Neil of The Source

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Change begins inside. That is the motto that drives The Source, an independent gym founded by Dallas and Christy Neil in Missoula, Montana. While that motto applies to personal fitness, it also describes how the couple is changing their gym’s footprint on the environment. With help from SportsArt, a “green fitness company,” the Neils are making their gym sustainable.

When they founded The Source in 2014, they wanted to do their part in helping Missoula reach its no-waste goal by 2050. The Neils used “best practices” like LED lighting and efficient hot water heaters. But this year, they wanted to further invest in sustainability. “Fitness can be about how I can do better for future generations,” Christy Neil said.

To get closer to this goal, the Neils purchased energy-producing cardio equipment from SportsArt that generates about 175 watts per hour. Not only have they found this equipment is durable, but it’s also “cost-saving,” turning their gym into a practically renewable power plant. On today’s episode, the Neils describe their sustainability mission, how it has connected them with other industries and how other gyms can follow their lead.

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