Matteo Cifelli Takes on a Knight with Tactus 

The most flexible live event and recording audio mixing solution to date, the rock-solid hardware of the modular Tactus digital console in conjunction with Waves’ state-of-the-art eMotion LV1 software delivers the highest level studio-grade quality and effects available today.  Tactus’ modular concept provides for adaptability to meet every professional’s needs. With multiple inputs and outputs, 16 input faders, 2 masters, Word Clock, a 64-channel mixer that can connect up to 16 IO devices, an onboard 4-port Ethernet switch, and a host of other options, there’s very little the Tactus can’t handle.  Just connect to your PC and the Tactus Control becomes a natural, physical extension of the Waves eMotion LV1 software, giving you unprecedented control over every aspect of your sound.

Italian producer, engineer and mixer Matteo Cifelli has worked with some of the best talent in the music industry. This renowned audio specialist was recently commissioned to mix Sir Tom Jones’ concert at Edinburgh Castle.  Watch this video as Matteo explains how the build quality, revolutionary customization and plugin architecture of the Tactus-eMotion LV1 has made this audio mixing solution his sound partner since 2014.