On today’s episode of the “Diving Into Data” podcast, we dive into a number of current issues and examine how they can be analyzed through the use of analytics.

Our primary topic today will be the ongoing economic impact of the tariff trade war with China and how a handful of critical data points show that it has impacted both nations. Many people know that this topic has been a hot-button issue for months, but few understand the economic indicators that are being impacted by those activities.

Additionally, it’s September, so that can only mean one thing… Football is back! We dive into some initial impressions from the 2019 season, as well as recap how each of us feels about our fantasy football teams this fall.

Additionally, we are touch on an interesting topic of conversation in the Pro-AV world. Digital signage is all the rage but how can you gauge the effectiveness of those investments? And what emerging technologies could impact the amount of data that companies are able to capture around that signage?

It’s all inside the first episode of Diving Into Data!