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Tod Caflisch

Smart Solutions SME Lumen Technologies

Dragon Seats Launches Heated and Cooling Sports Benches for NFL Sports Stadiums


Tod Caflisch, Smart Solutions Subject Matter Expert, Lumen Technologies, shares his perspective on the newest addition to sports technology, Dragon Seats’ Heated, and Cooling Sports Benches.

Tod’s Thoughts:

“I think the Dragon Seat benches are a great innovation, and not only for football, I could see them end up being used even potentially in other outdoor sports where the weather is a concern either through heat or cold. I certainly wished that they were around when I was playing college football cause I played in some pretty cold games being up in the northeast.

I think the partnerships are going to continue to grow with the NFL and in college, see them trickle down, into, even some of the other JC programs in addition to some of the more, funded high school programs.

There’ll be probably some sponsorship that’ll get involved in those where they’ll be all branded, especially where there’s gonna be TV coverage of people shown using the product.

You’re gonna see a lot more of it and probably more branding on it as well. As NFL, teams and more bring those onto their sidelines”.

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