Environmental Inspirations: Generating Creativity from Everyday Surroundings


The landscape of brand-to-brand storytelling is evolving, and the art of sourcing environmental inspirations from our surroundings stands at its forefront.

Greg Bryk, a distinguished Actor and Keynote Speaker, sheds light on this interplay between our surroundings and creativity. Bryk draws a poignant parallel in his discourse: “As an actor, my job is to bring a character to life… That’s true of content creators.” Being away from familiar settings, like when he’s on location, can disrupt routines and introduce a sense of unease. Yet, the innovation potential thrives in these moments of uncertainty. “You can curate your experience,” Bryk says, emphasizing the power of choice in determining what influences us.

The challenge for both actors and content creators is finding resonance and authenticity in their work. As Bryk suggests, embracing the unfamiliar can lead to fresh, unpredictable creativity. Stepping out of our comfort zones might be intimidating, but Bryk aptly says, “That freedom can be terrifying, but so is flying.”

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