Fun for the Whole Family: Why Theme Parks Should Reconsider Play Areas for the Smallest Visitors

Theme parks are designed for family fun and are a popular pick for vacations. Families have a lot of choices considering the many options in the U.S. According to the IAAPA (International Association of Amusements Parks and Attractions), there are over 400 amusement parks in the U.S., and the most significant guest demographic for these attractions is families with children age 2 to 18. While these parks often have kid-friendly rides, sometimes the littlest ones aren’t big enough or ready to experience those rides. To achieve a truly family-friendly experience amusement parks should consider creating play areas for the smallest of vacationers.

Every Park Visitor Deserves Fun Spaces

Height restrictions are often the biggest concern for young visitors and what they can ride. As an alternative, theme parks should invest in interactive, fun, and vivid play areas. Having these types of areas ensures that your park is an attraction for every family member, not just parents or teens.

The great thing about creating new play areas is they can be branded to fit the theme of your park. A play area is much more than a slide or swing—it’s an adventure for little ones whether in a castle or on a ship.

Parents love these play areas, too. It gives them a break while their children have fun, burn off some energy, and maybe even learn a bit. Parents will be glad to see play areas designed for all kids, who otherwise wouldn’t have many choices. Inclusive play areas could be a competitive advantage for your park to attract families with younger children.

How Parks Are Incorporating Imaginative Play Spaces

Lotte World in Seoul, South Korea includes the world’s largest indoor theme park along with an outdoor park. With over 32 acres, it has numerous exciting rides and attractions. While the big roller coasters might bring in the crowds, Lotte World also wanted to ensure that even the smallest of visitors could be included in the fun.

PLAYTIME worked with Lotte World to design Kidstoria, a play area with five custom-themed play zones inspired by classic story characters like Cinderella and Aladdin. The inclusion of Kidstoria has yielded great results for the park with a 30% increase in attendance.

PLAYTIME also designed, built, and installed an ocean-themed “Under the Sea Adventure” 8,000 sq ft. ticketed attraction in Lotte World. It provides another dedicated children’s play area that is safe, engaging, and appropriate for kids of all ages.

These inclusive play areas at Lotte World welcome all their guests. Custom-designed and built, PLAYTIME had two objectives: ensuring the design met with the park’s theme and that the play area was safe for all. Both of these play areas exceed safety requirements and offer a more interactive experience than standard play areas. The bright colors and attention to detail have made them a must-see for visitors.

Work with PLAYTIME to Create Captivating Spaces

Attract more families to your theme park with play areas designed for a wide range of ages. With PLAYTIME, each design is custom and unique to your brand or theme.

With these amazing spaces, you can enhance the experience for families with young children by producing memorable experiences that will make them want to return. Learn more by exploring our solutions for attractions.


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