How Nvidia and Cloud Gaming Can Take the Next Step


The gaming industry has continued its rapid expansion, pushing its way through the pandemic in 2020 and picking up plenty of new gamers along the way. Insider Intelligence’s piece on the state of the cloud gaming industry in the U.S. stated that “there will be 177.7 million monthly gamers in the US this year—this means that more than half of the US population will identify as a digital gamer by the end of 2021.”

With this increase in users has come new methods for connecting gamers to the games they want to play and the communities they want to join. One such service is Nvidia’s GeForce Now, which has grown to more than 12 million users in a year after public release.

For insight, MarketScale reached out to Chris Mann, Senior Vice President for rEvolution’s dedicated gaming and esports group, REV/XP. We reached out to Chris to get his thoughts on Nvidia’s business model, offering spec-driven gaming, compared to Xbox’s or EA’s near limitless library of titles.

“If they can continue to bring in top tier games, they’re going to attract people to the service,” said Mann. “That’s what gamers want. They want to play the top games and they want to play them at launch. But the focus of their business model is giving that top end graphical experience to players using Nvidia GeForce cards on the back end.”

Technological innovation is also crucial for the continued growth of the cloud gaming market. Chris shared his thoughts on the specific technologies that cloud gaming companies should invest in to support user demand. One important element highlighted by Mann: connectivity.

“You need to make sure the gaming community is having the same experience no matter what device they’re on or where they are.”

Creating the ideal gaming experience for gamers remains the top priority for companies like Nvidia as the popularity of gaming continues to expand.

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