The culture around sports gambling has changed significantly in recent years, driven by the legalization of the activity across several states.

Professional sports leagues have embraced the new business opportunity and now a sports restaurant is digging into the wagering scene.

Buffalo Wild Wings on Thursday announced a partnership with casino operator MGM to allow sports betting in certain restaurant locations in states where the activity is legal. The companies will launch a wagering app called “Picks and Props,” which can be played anywhere on any smart device. There will not be gambling kiosks in the restaurants. Winners will have to pick up prizes at their local Buffalo Wild Wings location.

The companies will begin testing the offering in New Jersey, which legalized sports gambling in 2018 and takes in a similar amount of money to Las Vegas through sports wagers each month. If the venture is successful, it will expand to other states.

As of today, 19 states have made sports wagering legal, and several more will vote on legislation in coming months and years.

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