As a creative, we all know the dreaded struggle of having to “play the game.” Creating art is only part of it; turning it into a profitable business, and having to run social media, branding, networking efforts…that’s the game. It can drive a lot of creatives away from their craft, or turn them into dishonest representations of what they wish they could be. For Callie Newman, self-published author, she deals with this struggle every time she logs on to social media or flips open her ideas Word doc.

That doesn’t mean she’s not staying honest with her craft though. On this Entertainment episode of Wildfire, Callie dives into her new book, Her Heart’s List, how she’s “playing the game,” and what she’s learned about creating an artist image and turning it into a business. She gives us insight on challenges within the publishing world, how she crafts honest characters that still speak to audiences, how she’s learned to read the industry to gauge what readers are craving, and overall, how to stay sane and whole in the unforgiving world of an author and a creative. Her Heart’s List comes out October 19th.

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