How Strong Podcast: From Shadows to Spotlight, Mojave Grey Breaks Through In The Music Industry

September 22, 2023
Troy Beetz

The musical landscape has seen countless artists rise to stardom, only to fade away. Yet, in a digital age where talent is abundant and opportunities seem scarce, breaking through the noise becomes more challenging than ever. At the same time, new forms of social media have challenged the way music is found and shared. Amidst this deluge, how can the perfect combination of talent, story, and perseverance create a path to stardom in today’s music industry?

On this  the latest episode of the “How Strong Podcast“, host Troy Beetz and co-host Lisa Coto engage in an enlightening discussion with the members of Mojave Grey: Zander Bleck and Pozzi. Coming from the deserts of California, Mojave Grey are a unique electronic duo that host Beetz thinks need to be more widely known. The conversation spans the band’s formation, their unique approach to music and storytelling, and the challenges they faced in the fiercely competitive world of the music industry.

Specific points discussed include:
– The unexpected connection formed between Zander and Pozzi during a bizarre trip to Dubai.
– The essence of storytelling in Mojave Grey’s music, elevating them beyond mere performers to storytellers.
– The pivotal moments and breakthroughs they’ve experienced, and the growing buzz surrounding their recent works.

Zander Bleck and Pozzi are not new to the music scene. Zander’s rich history as an artist has seen him collaborate with prominent figures in the industry, while Pozzi’s unique approach to music brings an unmatched flair to Mojave Grey. Both artists embody the spirit of perseverance, innovation, and raw talent.

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