The Newest Hollywood Writers’ Agreement Halted The Possibility of AI Takeover…For Now.


AI might have been a potential alternative for Hollywood studios to rely on, but the end of the writers’ strike assured that it won’t. After a 148-day strike, the Writers Guild of America (WGA) triumphed in securing a richer and more comprehensive contract last month, crushing the possibility of widespread AI takeover. The groundbreaking agreement particularly introduced enhanced residuals for streaming content, stricter protections around the use of AI in creativity, and improved compensation structures for screenwriters and writing teams. It also mandates minimum staffing levels in TV writers’ rooms, ensuring a more structured and supportive environment for writers across the industry.

How is the pervasive infiltration of an AI takeover in Hollywood challenging the authenticity of content and altering the viewer’s perception of reality and fiction? 

Jacquie Jordan, the CEO of TVGuestpert and a two-time Emmy nominated producer, navigated that question with a nuanced perspective. She drew from her extensive experience in unscripted television production to tackle AI’s use in Hollywood and where she stands. 

“I specifically would like less AI involved in the process instead of more AI involved in the process, because I think that it tricks the viewers,” Jordan stated. She emphasized the transformative yet deceptive influence of AI in the realm of content creation and consumption.

Article written by Alexandra Simon.

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