Jacquie Jordan

CEO & Publisher TV Guestpert

Jacquie Jordan is an accomplished American television producer and media consultant. She is notably recognized for co-producing a season of "Donny & Marie" in 1998, which garnered two Emmy Award nominations. Jordan also co-produced "Sunday Morning Shootout" for three years and served as an executive producer for "Square Off." In addition to her television work, she founded Jacquie Jordan Inc., a media consultancy company, and later launched a spinoff company, TVGuestpert. She has authored books on media and marketing and has made significant contributions to various publications.

Bachelor of Arts and Science, Communications 1989-1992
image-20 Television Producing
image-21 Media Entrepreneurship
image-2023-10-05T070053.007 Media Publishing
public-relation Public Relations

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Recent Posts


The Newest Hollywood Writers’ Agreement Halted The Possibility of AI Takeover…For Now.

Jacquie Jordan - October 19, 2023

AI might have been a potential alternative for Hollywood studios to rely on, but the end of the writers' strike assured that it wont. After a 148-day strike, the Writers Guild of America (WGA) triumphed in securing a richer and more comprehensive contract last month, crushing the possibility of widespread AI takeover.

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TV Feature

Media Industry Strikes, Streaming Prices, More Pop Culture Updates

Jacquie Jordan - August 18, 2023

Major streamers are raising their prices even amid the Strike (Netflix, Disney+, HBOMax) and there are calls for 'The Blind Side' star, Sandra Bullock, to return her Oscar. I joined FOX News Channels, FOX @ Night with Trace Gallagher to discuss.

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TV Feature

Vanna White's Return to Wheel Of Fortune

Jacquie Jordan - July 10, 2023

Jacquie Jordan, Pop Culture Media expert and Host of the broadcast podcast Front & Center with Jacquie Jordan, joins Newsmax's Wake Up America to discuss Vanna White and her future on Wheel of Fortune following Pat Sajak's retirement replacement Ryan Seacrest.

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TEDx Talk

Generation X: Why We Deserve New Branding | Jacquie Jordan | TEDxUniversityofDelaware

Jacquie Jordan - November 2, 2020

Was Nirvana your teen anthem? While the Millennials with little sister Gen Z and the Boomers duke it out in the workforce, in politics and in pop culture, where is the voice of Gen X? This branded Slacker Generation is suffering from Middle Child Syndrome. Find out what their superhero power actually is. Jacquie Jordan, two-time Emmy nominated TV Producer and University of Delaware alumni, is the founder of the fifteen-year-old Silicon Beach-based TVGuestpert, New York Times Bestselling Publisher TVGuestpert Publishing and TVOnCameraTraining.com. With TVGuestpert, Jacquie works with businesses on their branding, promotion, marketing, producing and development, as well as their on-camera execution. Jacquie has been involved in booking, supervising or producing as many as 10,000+ television guests. She is a three-time author, including her most recent, The Ultimate On-Camera Guidebook: Hosts*Experts*Influencers. She recently launched her Emmy Eligible broadcast podcast show, Front & Center with Jacquie Jordan, which aired on KTLA 5 Los Angeles and FOX 5 San Diego. Jacquie has been featured in Success Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, and the cover of Woman's World Magazine, as well as, a pop culture on air expert for CNN. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at https://www.ted.com/tedx

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Front & Center Podcast

Jacquie Jordan -

TVGuestpert's Broadcast Podcast Presents: Front & Center with Jacquie Jordan. This is the show where we talk about the change agents, storytellers, and activators behind the scenes making impact, now “Front & Center."

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Social Video

How To Set Up a Professional Virtual Set-Up

Jacquie Jordan -

Since the beginning of 2020 when lockdowns began, media has continued to offer interviews virtual. Many experts have virtual interviews down to a perfection, but some still need a little bit of help. Here are some of my tips that I use for any travel or home virtual appearance set up whether that be by Skype, Zoom or another program for a Media appearance

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