Ontario City Of Greater Sudbury Secures Funds For Indoor Sports Facility

In Canada, Greater Sudbury, Ontario has never been closer to beginning work on its very own indoor sports complex. A private donor offered around $3 million to cover a sports dome that the city hopes will host numerous sports throughout the winter months.

The proposal process is underway to begin building a dome that could host a full-size soccer pitch, football games and even specialty sports like indoor drone racing. The promise of turf for winter sports makes the project highly attractive to the city.

When city subsidies for the previous sports complex, the Exhibition Centre, dropped when the site was caught between public and private owners, local sports teams began to worry. The Greater Sudbury Soccer Club was especially keen on building a new city complex as fast as possible since the lack of one hurt younger players most.

This latest cash infusion has many hopeful the project will be moving forward soon. Local sports enthusiasts of all stripes are excited to see the dome complete, and some forecast it will be open as early as winter of this year.

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